I have always found it curious that Shakespeare's tragedies are so humorous, his wordplay and outright mockery of his own characters often remind me of the absurdity of many of the tragedies we face today.  Left in awe of his storytelling, I have set out to share some of my own stories. 

 The idea for ClimateTalk was born in the summer of 2016, manifested as a result of my passion for stories, need to create, and panic about world affairs, the then nameless project started as a means to put my panic at rest. Eager to bring this vision to life, I gathered my friends, raided my school's filming equipment, and downloaded an absurdly expensive  film editing software. I may be writing this over a year later, in a different continent and a new sense of panic, but the vision remains the same.


 This space will be home to the raw stories of everyday people that push the boundaries of today's societal norms to battle the destruction of our planet. Every one of their stories has something to teach us, and my hope is that through film, photo and writing, their stories will reach the unreachable. 


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